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Kids Expo California is an exciting opportunity to meet face-to-face with attendees.

Kids Expo California is a Business-to-Consumer Show for companies who have a product or service benefiting:

  • Babies - Infants - Toddlers
  • Kids - Children (any age)
  • Teenagers
  • Mothers, Fathers, or Guardians
  • Family or Households

Kids Expo California provides companies an opportunity to reach thousands and:

  • Demonstrate, sample and sell your products
  • Face to Face contact with your targeted customers
  • Develop Mailing Lists
  • Enhance relationships with new & existing customers
  • Increase Brand Recognition
  • Network with attendees and other Exhibitors
  • Distribute latest company information
  • Generate Leads and on-site sales

Multiple Exhibitor Booth Sizes

  • Premier Booth 10' x 10'
  • Tabletop Booth 5' x 8'